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Our Connected Strategy Advisors Can Guide Your Organization

We are a team of connectivity advisors with over 100 years of pioneering experience in connecting products – from vehicles, jet engines, buildings, and appliances, to industrial and construction equipement.

Our work experience with OEMs and Tier suppliers covers the spectrum of technology and innovation planning, product development, validation, and launch activities. Our telematics expertise extends beyond the technical elements and includes corporate organizational restructuring to fully operationalize the value streams enabled with connected products.

Our portfolio of clients has moved beyond the “feature mindset” of connectivity to the concept of a connected services organization, driving bottom-line benefits over the lifecycle of the product.

Our team of advisors:

  • Assesses
  • Strategizes
  • Builds tactics
  • Promotes monetization
  • Restructures operations
  • Injects quality and technical engineering
  • Integrates processes within the connectivity value chain

Connected Strategy Advisors formulates all phases of our client’s multigenerational connected vehicle and product strategies.

We save millions annually for our clients in warranty mitigation, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service, while improving the overall client experience with connected products.

Machine to Machine
Capacity Management

Team Expertise

Our team members bring pioneering real-world experience leading technical development across a number of cutting edge automotive technologies and processes, including:

  • Infotainment
  • Telematics
  • Application development
  • Vehicle electric cockpit product design/development
  • In-vehicle navigation processes
  • Vehicle module development
  • Back office infrastructure design/coordination
  • IT system/business process tradeoff analysis
  • Enterprise quality
  • Systems operations
  • IT system implementation
  • Supply chain processes
  • Supplier quality management
  • Mobility
  • IoT
  • Monetization
  • Corporate strategy
  • Product development
  • Product marketing
  • Retail network development

They guide companies to more fully exploit the rich data and analytics that connected devices and machines of all varieties can provide. Leading the development of onboard, mobile app and remotely enabled connected apps for vehicles, they have developed and managed a wide variety of segment leading products.

Their expertise derives from technical leadership positions within GM, OnStar, Ford, Visteon, Movimento, FCA, Covisint, and others.

The vision our team brings to bear has significantly lowered warranty costs and driven highly improved client loyalty. For example, their leadership has helped eliminate some of the typical “walk home” failures associated with the starting, charging and fuel systems by letting clients know about potential issues well in advance of a failure.


Percy Gendreu, CEO

Percy Gendreau brings 30+ years experience in manufacturing/operations, management and optimization in the transportation and manufacturing sector. For the last 20 years, he has focused on guiding companies as they transform their business by visualizing a foundation for the future from a process and systems point of view. 

Percy has held numerous managerial and executive positions in automotive and  technology companies with P&L responsibility and operational oversight, vehicle launch, process improvement including enterprise quality, systems operations and end-to-end program execution. For example, he managed advanced engineering and new product launch teams  while re-engineering the product development process for a Tier 1 supplier. 

He has an eye and an ear for cross-functional process refinement and value-added optimization.

Over the past 15 years, he has been involved with global OEMs and multi-national Tier 1s as they reinvented themselves to respond to ever increasing consumer demands as companies vie to gain even more insight into their operations. Earlier, Percy was instrumental in providing leadership to build and scale a technology provider’s global field team offering an OEM/supplier vehicle launch collaboration platform working with major OEMs and Tier 1’s.

Percy leads the senior-level team of experts at Connected Strategy Advisors and brings his knowledge and experience of operations and process efficiency to the connected vehicle ecosystem.

“CSA has long been a valued & trusted advisor, instrumental in moving us forward on our connected journey”
Global Automotive OEM Connected Services Executive
“The CSA team has been able to return many multiples on our investments based on their guidance and initiatives with our team that clients will enjoy for year to come”
Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services
"Real world experience and lessons have been invaluable to accelerating our teams progress while providing insights into what our future clients experiences might be"
Sr Manager Customer Experience