Envision a Connected
Services Organization


As the first step in the evolution to a connected services organization, Connected Strategy Advisors recommends conducting a connectivity index assessment. The assessment identifies where your enterprise lies compared with other similar enterprises on the connected products journey. Our assessment delivers a realistic focus on strategy and tactics needed to accelerate your organization’s product development and go-to-market activities to months rather than years.

We’ll look at the overall customer experience and journey, product technical architecture, organizational alignment, front and back office systems, existing or potential third-party provider touchpoints, and identify gaps to bolster your connected services organization. More than a dozen metrics inform our assessment, including usage, application score, vehicle/product usability, consumer interaction – it all adds up to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We’ll demonstrate the extreme power and reach of connectivity. Based on the connectivity index assessment, we design high-level strategies, architectures and plans so that you get the most out of your connected products and/or organization. Our value proposition comes from our knowledge and success in the automotive and related industries.

Our strategy is informed by technology and innovation. To avoid missteps that are costly and risky, we design a unique strategy with an end-goal of an exceptional customer experience from an aligned, connected product foundation that acts as the compass or North Star for the organization.


Enterprises gain an alignment with current technology and processes to achieve optimal integration. Implementing industry best practices, we prioritize steps to take to become a truly connected organization.

We work from a strategy that emphasizes how connectivity will be integrated into all aspects of the product, from design and development, purchasing, and assembly through the entire supply chain, to logistics, distribution and operations.

It is the best way for organizations to remain competitive.


Connected Strategy Advisors works intentionally to re-engineer your internal and external business operations and processes throughout the entire ecosystem. Enterprises gain insights into how to exploit connectivity and mine data from analytics to gain bottom-line value while improving the customer experience. We’ll fine-tune your processes and identify new technologies and opportunities that will enhance the connected services organization.

Our advisors guide you as you streamline product design and drive process refinements to deliver value in months, not years.

Quality &
Technical Engineering

From our vehicle and related telematics expertise, we build in quality control at every flex point. Enterprises gain dexterity from our advisors, engineers and technical specialists with years of hands-on senior-level expertise.

We work from an agile design process that conceives of the vehicle or product, for example, as a platform for apps which allow for over-the-air (OTA) software updates.


From embedded hardware and software, vehicle systems, device architecture, back-office tools for service provisioning, and data from third-party providers, enterprises are flooded with data. Gain data insights and monetization techniques to harness the power of data, while transforming the customer experience. Exploit the value of a connected services organizational mindset to gain value from every byte of data.

Vehicle and consumer data generate revenue, reduce costs and increase consumer safety, satisfaction and loyalty. Millions of inbound data points about driver/operator behavior, vehicle response, environmental conditions affecting operator and vehicle behavior, maintenance and repair predictions – they all produce value.